The First Recipe: Honey-Wheat Sandwich Loaves

I was excited at school. The clock was moving at the sickening slow pace that clocks have the tendency of doing when they know you have something wonderful planned when the time runs out.  I think it’s a clock conspiracy. They all know that you want to leave their presence so they decide to slow the old time down. Stupid clocks.

Anyway, when school got out (finally) I managed to get home, plunk my backpack down and wash my hands. Apparently, washing hands is important when you cook, something about germs.  Then I got started on a journey. It was the feeling of when you’re on a boat and you’re not sure where you’ll end up but you’re excited. I opened to page 44. The first recipe.  Honey-Wheat Sandwich Loaves.

Off I went putting ingredients in a bowl, turning on the mixer, waiting. Moving the mixed ball of dough to a warm place. Waiting.

Then things got exciting. Like the scene in Batman when he’s just about to defeat the Joker kind of exciting. I got to split the dough into two even parts. It was so riveting I took a picture:


Then more waiting and minor steps like smooshing the dough so the gas would leave it happened. At this point my mother called me immature for laughing at that.  Then I…wait for it…did more waiting.

Then I got to make a wonderful thing we chefs call ‘egg wash.’ I put this on right before the bread went in the oven. IT MADE IT ALL SHINY WHEN IT CAME OUT!! Look!!!


It was late and too hot to eat that night so we waited till morning to cut into the loaves. And when we did it was yummy. We made toast and drank milk and were merry.


This bread is so good for Toast and sandwiches. It’s not the type you have at the dinner table with butter. But that does not make it bad bread. All bread as a purpose in life and this bread’s was to make delicious toasts and later bread crumbs.



One thought on “The First Recipe: Honey-Wheat Sandwich Loaves

  1. I really like the thought that “all bread has a purpose in life…” there is something very comforting about “bread” and “purpose” together. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Nice Job!

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