White Wheat Bread

Now I am going to tell you a tragic tale. If you have small children reading this that can’t handle dying bread, I would recommend reading this without them. So grab a box of tissues and let’s get started.

It was a rainy November day. My brother’s birthday. I was multitasking that night. I was making a cake that turned out beautifully.


And at the same time I was making the bread. The first problem I faced on this tragic road was the problem of the measuring the flour. Let’s just say flour was all over the kitchen by the time I was done. I did measure it properly in the end, but that had me frustrated as I had a mess to clean up now. Fun fact about flour! It doesn’t like to be cleaned with water.

Everything was running smoothly like Thomas the Train Engine. Here the bread is at happier times.


And it was happy! Up to point when I took it out of the oven. Then it was like the Titanic hitting an iceberg. It stuck to the pan!! I followed all the steps with the cornmeal on the pan to keep it from sticking and everything. But alas the bottom crust of both loaves almost came all the way off. It was a tragic moment in time.

But other than that the bread was really good! We ate it all with so many different toppings. But in my heart I was mourning the loss of the bottom crust.

I think the best way to end this is with a song that describes my feeling for this bread.



One thought on “White Wheat Bread

  1. I love your blog, Megan! I’m so glad you Mom led me to it via Facebook. Enjoy your new-found passion, along with every recipe in the cookbook you’ve selected. What an adventure you’ve begun!!

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