Rosemary Bread

I think one of the hardest things a person could describe is taste. Let’s say you have the best sandwich in the world in your hands. You take a bite. The flavors you behold need to be shared. Look! Your friend Bob is standing right next to you. Now what do you do? Do you give him a bite of beauty you call a sandwich or do you say, “Bob, this sandwich tastes like a rainbow!” That’s why this bread will be so hard to describe.

In the very beginning I got to chop up rosemary. Rosemary is one of those things that you love or you hate. I personally love it.

Everything was fairly straightforward when it came to following the recipe.


The one highlight in making the bread was when I went out to a movie and came back and the dough had risen over the bowl!


It came out of the oven and unstuck wonderfully this time. From the aroma I could tell it would taste like magic. Following the instructions in the handy dandy cookbook, I put olive oil and sea salt on top of the golden brown crust. It gave the effect of an amazing pretzel.


I cut into one of the warm loaves and my mom, dad and I started to eat it. Things were said such as ‘Wow.’ ‘That’s so good!’ ‘I understand the salt now!’


Now for ten words that described the flavor of the bread: Astounding, delicious, divine, satisfying, aromatic, warm, comforting, savory, soft, exquisite.



6 thoughts on “Rosemary Bread

  1. Megan Keep up the good baking!!!! I love rosemary too…I grow it on my balcony…Isn’t amazing what a little sprinkle of sea salt can do?

  2. I am so excited to share your site with my granddaughter, Camrie 13 yrs. old and she loves to bake and cook. Your Daddy was her Daddy’s Youth Leader. God bless you Megan

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