Rustic Olive Bread

You can smell it from upstairs. This is a smell you know well. This is a smell you would drop everything you’re doing just to find the source. This is the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies. You find yourself in the kitchen. You don’t know how you got there and you don’t care. All you know is there is a plate of warm cookies in front of you. Angels start singing as you pour yourself a glass of milk. You hold a cookie in your hands. You take a bite. Raisins.


This is what this bread was like. I knew everything that was in this bread. But when it came down to it chocolate chips look a lot like olives when immersed in dough. In my mind I know chocolate bread isn’t that good. I’ve had it before. But wishful thinking kept me going.


 The bread was good. Nothing went wrong. Except for my mixer acting like a ding-dong. We all liked it. We like bread at this home so no problem there.




Another winner from a magical cookbook.





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