The Great Pie Caper

It was Thanksgiving eve. I was watching Top Chef. Dad was in the kitchen making pie. “Stink.” (That’s Dad’s word when something goes wrong) “Stink,” he said “I forgot to buy pie crusts.” In that moment I realized what I had to do. I knew what would save Thanksgiving. I would have to make piecrusts. Top Chef off. Christmas music on.


Somehow it turned into a competition when I had two dough balls. He didn’t refrigerate his. I did.


We want to know who did a better job.


Here’s his:



Here’s mine:


Who do you think won?




4 thoughts on “The Great Pie Caper

  1. I will call this a tie and say that overall the consumers of future Blais’ pies won. Neither pie crust even covers the pie pan. The biggest beneficiaries will be the folks who eat pies in the future cooked by the two people above who are practicing their baking skills (and I assume improving them).

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