My First Roast Chicken

As you know I’m cooking/baking through Baking at Home with The Culinary Institute of America. But today I took a break. (Not that I’m tired of the book at all. But our food needs were not bread today.) Today I made my first roast chicken. All by my little ol’ self.

We were having a wonderful friend over. That required real food. ‘A man cannot live on bread alone.’

To start I cut up potatoes, onions and put some baby carrots in a bowl. The onions made me cry. Olive oil, salt and pepper were added. Original, I know.


Chickens are heavier than I had envisioned in my mind. You could use one as a dumbbell.

As I went around the kitchen, with the raw chicken, my mom followed me around with bleach. (she doesn’t like raw meat.)


It came out looking like a Norman Rockwell painting. You know the one with the family at Thanksgiving?


Everyone said it tasted perfect. As far as first chickens go, I think it was wonderful.




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