Winter Barbeque

Watching Top Chef a while ago there was a quote. “Women can’t use barbeques.” What? I realized at that moment that: A) I was unable to cook with a barbeque. B) I still had to try it.

So I thought “What could I barbeque?”

Dad said the first time he barbequed he made hot dogs. So I did one better. Ribs.

One of my friends had e-mailed me a recipe for pork ribs. Sounded good. Plus the recipe gave me instructions on how to make my own barbeque sauce. Bonus.

I made this rub with a bunch of different spices.


Yes, I barbequed all by my little self. (!!!!!!!!!!)


They were so good!! I wish I could send everyone the wonderfulness I beheld.

(NOTE: My dad will say he ‘helped’ make this. I don’t think stirring the sauce one time is helping.  Nor following me around saying ‘You know what a man would do?’ is helping either.) 😉



2 thoughts on “Winter Barbeque

  1. YUP, send out an invite next time. Maybe if it’s a challenge??…..betcha cant cook enough for all of us! (and, no, I dont believe your dad helped either)haha

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