The Pearl Bakery in Portland is one of my favorite places. As you pick your way through the hipsters, you see a display case of precious bakery items. They have the most delicious brownies. It’s raspberry jam on this heaven like brownie. The macaroons, lemon tarts and cookies are so amazing. The coffee is this fantastic brand called Batdorf & Bronson Coffee. I adore the grapefruit juice. When you go there this wall of beautiful breads are staring at you. A family favorite is ciabatta.

The next recipe in Baking at Home with The Culinary Institute of America is just that, ciabatta.

When I first started making it, the dough hook on our mixer wouldn’t reach the bottom of the mixing bowl. I was really annoyed. I ended up sitting on the floor of the kitchen, mixing it with a spoon. I swore it wouldn’t work out at all. I was wrong.

The next morning (the dough had to rise for 10 hours), I felt a little better with some sleep and dreams about puppies and rainbows. I followed the steps of in the book and ended up loving the results.


Then it was sandwich time. Blue cheese, sautéed onions, pastrami all on fresh bread. Put that on the panini grill. Yum.




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