Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce

I always pictured something poached to be there next time I visit the Queen. The butler would say, ‘Would you like some poached bananas with your cheese?’ I would say, ‘Yes, thank you Jeeves.’ Then the fanfares would play and a bunch of important people would walk in, to plates full of poached food.

Sadly, reality is a harsh cold truth. Poached food is cooked in a pot with water  and served in plain dishes. No queen involved. But I have a feeling the Queen would enjoy this dish.

Baked pears are made many times a year in this home. When it is, the residents (my family) of this fine abode come running to eat. So I thought poached pears were baked pears but fancier. Plus chocolate is involved.

I got to use my first whole vanilla bean. One came in a spice jar. It was like a gem.


The pears cooked for longer than the recipe said because they weren’t ripe all the way.


It was a wonderful thing. What amazes me is that I made that. Little old me made my definition of fancy food. So cool.


I had chocolate all over my face.



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