Sourdough bread takes a long time to make. When you make a mistake it takes twice as long. My cookbook, Baking at Home with The Culinary Institute of America, made it look easy. I made it look hard.

Try 1: First, I mixed flour and water in a bowl.  Then I let it sit and get ‘sour’ for 2 and half days, feeding it every twelve hours. When the time was up I started making the bread. (This was exciting for my impatient soul.)

So I followed the instructions. And it looked like soup. I was worried, but not overly as I had the focaccia was like this. Then it said to roll it out. How do you roll out soup? I’m not one that gives up easily so I gave it a try.

Flour everywhere. Dough everywhere. My mom helped me clean. It took hours. Hours.


Turned out I forgot some flour and some potato in the starter. Bummer.

Moral of try 1: Always read the instructions thoroughly.

Try 2, a.k.a, The one that worked: This time I was smart. So smart that I decided to read the instructions. You’ll never guess what happened.

IT WORKED. It made me excited.


Then I made French toast with fresh bread. Yum.



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