Brioches a Tete

Brioches a Tete is not only fun to say, but delicious.

Brioches a Tete is French. Time for a French lesson? I think yes.

Brioches a Tete is French for ‘bun head.’ Ballerinas wear buns whilst doing their art. These types of buns are on their heads. Therefore, this bread is now called ‘ballerina bread.’ I just made that up.

Brioches a Tete has a ton of butter in it. That made my mother who is trying to get us eating healthily happy.

Brioches a Tete look like chicken legs before they are made into the traditional shape.

photo (7)


I always feel fancy when I use egg wash.

photo (8)


It smelled like how I imagine France to smell.

photo (9)


They were scrumptious warm with jam.

photo (10)




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