Parker House Rolls

Butter. What’s American’s obsession with it? When was the last time you ate butter? Your answer will probably be, ‘Within the last week.’

Contrary to popular belief, butter is healthy in small amounts. The fats in butter helps your body absorb nutrients found in veggies and also help absorb vitamins your body needs (A,D,E,K). Next time you get a fungal infection butter contains the lauric acid which can help.

Now don’t think you can sit down with a stick of butter and start chowin’. Butter is very high in saturated fat (the bad stuff) and cholesterol. But, it is interesting that there are a few benefits.

The only reason I’m telling you any of this is because these rolls have butter on the inside and butter on the outside. Yum.

If you’ve ever had the good fortune to taste a Parker House Roll, you know it’s good. You know it’s really good. Golden-brown and best served warm. The history of the buns come from a legend.

The story is, in the 1870’s a hotel owner threw some unfinished rolls into an oven after a disagreement with a guest.  When they came out of the oven, the product were some buttery rolls that tasted better than the heavenly smell. They have been served all over the world ever since and are the ultimate comfort food.

These are good plain or with jam. Tea or no tea. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are good for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Labor day, birthdays, or any old day. Why? Because these rolls are just plain good.

photo (14)



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