Cheddar and Onion Rye Rolls

I like cheese. Not the fancy cheese. Like the other day my dad got some cheese that smelled like feet. I tasted it. It tasted like feet. Not that I know what stinky feet taste like. But I do like cheddar and extra-sharp cheddar. (Tillamook anyone?)

An exquisite treat at our home is chunks of Parmesan cheese. I love grating it on spaghetti and such things. Once I grated my finger. My dad wasn’t even concerned about my finger. The first thing he said was ‘Great…Now I gotta wash the grater.’ 

I also like trying new cheeses. What’s your favorite cheese?

I made the rolls and they had melted cheese in them. UM…YUM. And onion (I like onion.)  They have a bit of a wan look about them. 





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