Irish Soda Bread

Look at it.


It looks like an old turtle.

My dad caught a snapping turtle once. That was when I lived in Florida. It never snowed there. I remember being scared Santa wasn’t going to come. (Like it snows in Portland.) At the same time I was scared Santa would come. A big creepy man sneaking into your house. Scary stuff for a three-year-old.

I’m avoiding something. The bread. I hated this bread. I took a bite of it. yuck.

My mom said it was ‘warm and delightful.’ I found it in the trash the next day.

I made a list of things this bread could be used for:

  • a door stop
  • a paperweight
  •  something to serve to someone you don’t really like
  • a hockey puck
  • a dog toy (tip: yeast is not good for dogs)

On the bright side, I started another blog. It’s about my love for books and tea. If you’re interested you can find it here.



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